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Brilliant Balance

Feb 20, 2018

Are you trying to live up to an outdated model for a role you play? One that no longer makes sense in our current environment? If you find yourself feeling like you’re just “not good enough” in one or more of the roles you play, you may need to question the set of rules you’re playing by.
In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how you can find more room to maneuver when you replace outdated hard and fast rules with a fresh set of principles that you design yourself.
- The roles we play and how we play them (3:03)
- Why using a strict rule book is not the answer (4:20)
- Where our expectations of behavior come from(5:32)
- How to honor traditions without holding yourself to a standard that doesn’t apply (9:55)
- Discovering where your “model” came from (10:38)
- Rules versus principles (14:45)
- Circumstances and context (16:35)

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