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Brilliant Balance

Aug 28, 2018

When things are going great in your life, you’re moving forward toward your goals and your actions seemingly feel effortless. But when you’re not experiencing exceptional growth, it can feel like your feet are stuck in cement.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a parked car, and you want to figure out how to get...

Aug 21, 2018

Your hard work can be hard on others.

When we are excessively stressed, it can easily spillover from work into family life. It affects how we interact with people - especially those closest to us - EVEN if we don’t see it.

The truth is, whenever we start to fall out of balance, we think we can hide it. We think no one...

Aug 14, 2018

The dog days of summer. That season in the year that can drain your productivity to a snail’s pace. We stay up later than usual, attend parties, and take longer vacations (all fun, but…).
All too often, being in summer mode gives us an excuse to hit pause on our good habits.
And even though it’s great to have...

Aug 7, 2018


In today’s age, work-life balance can feel like an impossible feat. The ever-compounding stress from long workdays can be extremely damaging to your health, relationships, and overall happiness.
Treat today as your call-to-arms because we’re going to talk about three really important points when it comes to better...