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Brilliant Balance

Nov 28, 2017

It’s inevitable. At some point, life will throw you a curveball.

Enduring a hard day at the office or facing barriers on your way toward a big goal. Most high achievers are hardwired to believe this is the only way. Like the famous saying goes ‘no pain no gain’. However, there is no law stating you have to ‘tough it out’.

If you’re looking for balance in your life, today’s show is just what the doctor ordered. Cherylanne is going to show you how to shorten the cycle of suffering by asking three important questions.

Show Highlights:
- Are you working towards improving your situation or are you tolerating it? (6:00)
- Eyes up: Being open to alternative paths, paying attention to how you feel, and reading the changing landscape (8:40)
- The power of the pivot: Why quitters really do win (11:00)
- The toughest question to ask yourself (12:30)

Feel like you’re being pulled in a thousand directions? Then hop over to to download your free Rebalancing Toolkit. You’ll learn how to design an optimized week that lets you feel like you have it all.

You ready? Let’s be brilliant…

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