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Brilliant Balance

Aug 23, 2019

Time for a special episode of the podcast because we’ve got some really cool happenings in September that I think you’ll want to be part of! I’m sharing the highlights in the episode and dropping links to more information here in the show notes. And believe me, if you like the podcast, you’ll LOVE these two experiences!

30 Days to Vibrant Energy Challenge

If you’re exhausted all the time and constantly reaching for that extra cup of coffee to get you through your day, join me in the 30 Day Vibrant Energy Challenge that kicks off on September 3!

This one is a game-changer - just wait till you see how great you feel after 30 days of trying out all my best practices! We’ll focus on one singular transformation - raising your energy threshold. Once you do this you can pour that energy into all the things you want MORE of in your life!

This is the absolutely perfect first step to start making the changes that will pull your life into Brilliant Balance.

Weekly Themes:

  • Week 1 - Sleep
  • Week 2 - Hydration
  • Week 3 - Food
  • Week 4 - Movement

Register now at  We start on Sept 3!

Event: Brilliant Balance LIVE

Join me for this intimate event where you can step away from the demands of your everyday life and go all-in to figure out how to find Brilliant Balance for yourself! We’ll help you determine the direction you want to take your life, outline the changes you want to make and show you exactly how can you build the plan to make those changes.

This event is a fantastic introduction to each of the core principles of Brilliant Balance:

  • Power
  • Productivity
  • Possibilities

We’re giving our podcast listeners a special discount!

$100 off general admission or VIP ticket

(VIP includes a private dinner with Cherylanne!)

Discount Code:  PODCAST100

 Register now at

Brilliant Balance Live - September 26 & 27 

Cincinnati, OH

Hope to see you at one or both! #letsbebrilliant