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Brilliant Balance

Jul 2, 2019

Some days, you feel vibrant, powerful and full of energy to conquer the day. Other days, you just don’t. So what’s the secret behind maximizing those days where you feel amazing?

Today’s guest Brenda Villa is an expert at energy management.  Her life’s work focuses on building bridges between awakening our consciousness and activating powerful business practices to land us in the center of living our dream life. 

Brenda is renowned for her masterful skill to see the real you: gifts and blind spots, meeting you where you are in order to move you forward with efficiency towards results. 

Brenda’s healing presence empowers and inspires clients to live and love their lives with mindfulness, passion and purpose. As the ultimate “Guide on the Side”, Brenda embodies compassion, and is unafraid to throw the occasional lightning bolt your way… always to light up your soul’s path, of course!

Brenda draws from her diverse experiences as a business consultant, speaker, activator of women’s authentic power, and yoga instructor. Brenda’s company, Be Believe Begin Become, uses the latest tools and understandings for personal success, professional fulfillment, and overall well-being.

In this episode, Brenda reveals how you can raise your vibe to become more energetic and vibrant every day.

Show highlights include:

  • Where to find your energy when you feel like it’s gone. (6:55)
  • The exact amount of breaths to take to experience real relaxation, no matter how stressed you might feel. (8:45)
  • A “do it anywhere” method to raising your energy. You don’t need anything but your phone and a headset. (17:00)
  • You don’t need to meditate for hours a day—here’s how little you need for meditation to have an impact on your life. (26:25)

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