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Brilliant Balance

Jun 12, 2018

All of us go through setbacks as a normal part of life. How we react and respond to those setbacks will determine whether we stagnate... or we grow and develop.
In today’s episode, you’re going to learn three simple strategies to make sure you really have control over your progress and you aren’t just reacting based on emotion.
We’re also going to cement the habit of making gentle adjustments based on the data you collect to stay the course and continue taking the right actions to reach your goals.
Here Are The Highlights:
- A practical way to boost your chances of success in life and business (3:30)
- How to effectively measure progress on your personal goals (5:00)
- The most important metrics to measure progress - and what NOT to track (6:40)
- The key to organically increase your confidence through inevitable ups and downs (15:40)
- Progress is almost never linear. Once we understand this, it can bring us vast amounts of clarity and spare us years of heartache.
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