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Brilliant Balance

Nov 5, 2019

Have you ever had a day that didn’t go as expected? Maybe you thought it would be sunny and planned a day outdoors, but then it rained. Or maybe there was more traffic than you anticipated, and you were late to work. Either way, you may have ended up disappointed and frustrated based on your expectations. 

And you might have expectations of “the way it was supposed to be” in many aspects of your life. From how you move through your day to where you should be in your career to how your relationship with your partner should look - how are these expectations helping or hurting you? 

In this episode we’ll discuss how unmet expectations are setting you back and causing you unnecessary frustration and how to take changes as they come so you can be in control of your day and how you respond to it!

Show highlights include:

  • Are your stories of “the way it’s supposed to be” helping you or hurting you? (2:55)
  • How curiosity can save you from unmet expectations (5:29)
  • When plans change, are they worse or just different? (8:46)
  • How unexpected changes can be a blessing in disguise (11:08)

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