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Brilliant Balance

Sep 24, 2019

For our kids, we constantly celebrate milestones. Whether it’s their first day of school, a religious celebration or just their birthday, we’re great at turning milestones into memorable moments.

But as adults, we often almost ignore our successes. Instead, we set our sights on the next thing and just march on without taking time to celebrate. 

Are you ready to change that? Join Cherylanne to celebrate episode 100 of Brilliant Balance and find out how to celebrate your personal and career milestones too!

Show highlights include:

  • Why it’s easy for adults to skip birthdays and other celebrations—and why we shouldn’t. (5:36)
  • The “recipe” to honor the milestones you’ve reached already so you can get more energy and happiness out of them. (12:50)
  • The easiest way to reflect on the best moments of your life, relive them and be truly grateful for yourself and your accomplishments. (13:33)
  • How to multiply the energy, satisfaction and joy you get out of your milestones. (14:48)

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