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Brilliant Balance

Oct 20, 2020

The greeting card industry, entertainment, and media have all convinced women that it’s impossible to have it all. By normalizing mediocrity, they encourage you to settle and stop striving for brilliant balance.

But I want you to dream again. I believe that you can have it all.

In this 3rd Anniversary episode, I discuss how to ignore the negative influence of our culture and turn your dreams into reality.

Show highlights include:

  • Why you should ignore what the world tells you about having it all (4:54)
  • How the greeting card industry normalizes mediocrity (9:14)
  • The first step to take in breaking out of the mold society has tried to force you in (9:32)
  • How to turn your dreams into concrete reality (10:27)
  • Why you might need a guided journey to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back (13:35)

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