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Brilliant Balance

Apr 21, 2020

It’s important to view the world from an honest and informed perspective. After all, you can’t just stick your head in the sand and pretend that everything is always fine. But if you feel yourself slipping into an anxious state based on external factors, it’s important to understand what causes this...and also how you can overcome it.

You have more power and control than you might think. In this episode, I’ll discuss what causes this anxiety, and 3 important steps you can take to build up your own emotional resilience.

Show highlights include:

  • Concrete proof that how you feel is caused by this one thing (1:28)
  • To be emotionally resilient, you must first learn this critical skill (4:05)
  • The shocking reason you may feel that you’re in grave danger, even when you’re completely safe (4:35)
  • This little known part of your nervous system is essential to regaining your sense of calm (5:29)
  • This simple exercise can help you overcome intense stress (6:27)
  • The way you do this one thing will dictate your emotional response (10:30)
  • This type of response to a situation will help you defeat any negative emotion (15:10)
  • Taking this specific type of action will prevent your emotions from sabotaging you when under stress (18:11)

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