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Brilliant Balance

Dec 4, 2018

Each year has its milestones, setbacks, and significant events that deserve our acknowledgment.

Maybe 2018 was a bright, shiny, and amazing year. Or maybe it was 12 months you’d rather forget about.

Either way, December is the perfect time to get quiet, reflect, and extract the lessons 2018 has taught before you turn your focus to the year ahead.

In today’s episode, we’re going to cover three thought-provoking questions to ask when doing your year-in-review that will help you set the stage for what’s next.

Here Are The Highlights:
- The treasure trove of tools you already have for reviewing this year’s accomplishments (9:00)

- The best way to think about unattained goals, and how to make sure you achieve them in 2019 (12:30)

- A simple self-assessment tool for optimizing all seven areas of your life (14:30)

- How to set the stage for next year, and set yourself up for success (19:30)
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