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Brilliant Balance

Jun 16, 2020

You know that stress affects your mood. But do you know the other factors in your environment that, when combined, can dramatically impact the way you feel? This can lead to dramatic mood swings that leave you feeling out of control.

In this episode, I discuss three warning signs that your stress levels are too high, the emotion you need to avoid, and how to break out of the patterns that cause mood swings.

Show highlights include:

  • Two subtle causes of mood swings that you need to pay attention to (3:06)
  • These hidden triggers may be affecting your mood without you knowing it (4:27)
  • This simple technique can help you better understand and manage your moods (7:26)
  • This underlying issue can “turn up the volume” on your negative emotions (9:41)
  • This internal warning sign may be telling you that your stress levels are dangerously high (14:28)
  • Why you default to this lazy emotion when you’re stressed (18:47)

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