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Brilliant Balance

Sep 11, 2018

Fear just might be our biggest challenge to living a happy, fulfilling, and productive life.

When you ask most people what their biggest fear is, they say failure. But is that really true?

Fear may be the single biggest thing that keeps us from achieving our goals, causing us to shrink back from what we want most. But what’s underneath it? What are we REALLY afraid of?

In this episode, Cherylanne explores three different angles to help you uncover what you’re truly afraid of, and gives you ideas for how to go conquer them.

Here Are The Highlights:
- The most common type of fear and how it’s stealing your full potential (6:00)
- The secret to getting really, really good at something (7:30)
- What kids can teach adults about overcoming fear (12:15)
- Stopping the cycle of fleeing pain and seeking pleasure (20:20)

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