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Brilliant Balance

Oct 12, 2021

New Year’s Eve is the most popular time for people to make goals. For example… the gyms are packed in January and full of motivation. 

But by February, the crowd dies off. People become less interested and don’t follow through on their resolutions. What happened?

Reaching your goals is about making better choices. And if you don’t understand the driving forces behind it, you’ll always get stuck doing the same thing.

In this episode, Dr. Katy Milkman explains the science behind making your goals. 

Show highlights include:

  • Why improving your health, financial, and educational choices starts with death data (8:22)
  • How to recreate that New Year's Day motivation and knock out your goals (16:19)
  • How to avoid hurting your progress or losing any momentum with the Baseball Study (22:18)
  • Why being lazier makes you smarter with these ‘default’ life hacks (26:25)
  • How to work through tasks and make experiences better with the Temptation-Bundling model (31:13)
  • How to keep the momentum and motivation going (when life gets in the way) (37:02)


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