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Brilliant Balance

Apr 23, 2019

Let’s face it - being called selfish is usually a bad thing. Yet being selfish at the right point in time can actually be good - it can even help you make an amazing impact in OTHER people’s lives.

In other words: You get to serve those you love (including yourself) by being selfish at the right moment. You’ll find out when those right moments are in this episode of Brilliant Balance.

Show highlights include:
- Why taking care of yourself is NOT selfish and actually benefits those you love. (6:10)
- 2 questions to ask yourself to determine if doing something you enjoy is really selfish. (8:30)
- Why you need to invest both time and money in yourself to improve the lives of your loved ones. (15:30)
- The difference between “strategically selfish” and frivolously selfishness. (18:10)

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