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Brilliant Balance

Jan 31, 2023

Whether it’s for a sense of security, having the funds to fulfill our life goals, or to feel the thrill of freedom, we all want to save money. 

But most of us get stuck when it comes to actually doing it. Habits like impulse buying or upgrade-itis stop us from saving regularly so we can move closer to our goals.

In this episode, I’ll show you a simple hack you can use to save almost effortlessly. You’ll discover how to drop bad spending habits and pick up a saving approach that is just right for you.

Listen in…

Show Highlights Include:

  • 4 tools you can use to save and grow your money (and the psychology questioning’ method you can use to pick the right one for yourself). (05:48)
  • A simple hack you can use to make your saving process almost effortless. (10:54)
  • 3 ways intentional savings affect your life positively (so you don’t go into panic mode every time you need cash). (14:59)
  • How to assess your spending habits so you can be intentional about your savings. (17:01)

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