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Brilliant Balance

Nov 30, 2021

It might be surprising to learn that each of us has four distinct “characters” living in our brain. Each one experiences life through a particular lens and brings a unique perspective to situations we encounter.

In this episode, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor (yes the same one who delivered the now famous TED talk, My Stroke of Insight) helps us learn how to call all four characters into service so we can more fully experience each moment. 

Learning to work with your whole brain helps ensure you can get things done, experience deep emotions, live in the present moment AND feel deeply connected to others.

In this episode, you’ll discover what Dr. Jill has learned and you’ll get to experience her contagious energy first hand!

Show highlights include:

  • The notion of the 4 You’s (and how they miss or match your decision-making today).  (9:40)
  • How to avoid being completely reckless or a total worry wart with your brain structure. (21:20)
  • How to navigate through each moment and make wiser choices with the Brain Huddle. (25:04)
  • The Push-and-Pause tactic for making the most effective choices in life. (32:10)
  • How to avoid a never-ending work spiral and feel whole in your achievements. (36:07)
  • Using the four characters in your family to strengthen relationships today.. (40:25)


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