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Brilliant Balance

Feb 13, 2018

Since this Valentine’s Day week we are in the midst of all things romance.
But for a lot of working moms, romance is the farthest thing from their mind. Today we’re going to talk about why Valentine’s Day might not feel quite the same as it did when you first met your spouse.
In fact, if you’re feeling like your spouse has fallen to the very bottom of your priority list, there may be some easy things you can do to change that and feel more connected in your relationship.

- Why our spouses end up last on our list (3:24)
- How your spouse may be feeling (4:30)
- What you need to pay attention to (5:35)
- Divide and conquer mindset versus collaborative mindset (6:07)
- The notion of drift and how to address it (9:19)
- Eye to eye time (12:20)

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You ready? Let’s be brilliant…

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