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Brilliant Balance

May 16, 2023

We all have those seasons - the ones that we experience as a surge. Fast. Full. Little time to rest. 

They take up most of our time and energy. And we need more concentration and agility just to stay afloat and not go under.

This can be hard, but it can also be JOYFUL and EXCITING.

The goal is to get through these busy seasons with your mental, emotional, and physical health intact and your relationships still healthy.

Because busy seasons never stop coming.

So how can you maintain a healthy lifestyle through these busy seasons?

Today I’ll share a behind the scenes peek  into my recent busy season and what I’m doing to handle it. You’ll learn how to keep your health and sanity intact during your own surges!

Listen in…

Show Highlights Include:

  • The simple language shift that instantly puts me in a better headspace (use this once you’re in a busy season) (0:45)
  • A behind the scenes peek into my recent busy season and how I’m handling it. (3:26)
  • Why the traditional narrative around busy seasons is harmful (and a better mindset to approach it with). (10:29)
  • How you can keep your health and sanity in check during these busy seasons. (13:14)
  • Why it’s critical for you to get through a busy season with your health and relationships intact. (16:23)

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