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Brilliant Balance

Jul 26, 2022

It turns out the most important conversations are the ones we have with ourselves.

But if you’re not mindful, the discussion in your head can turn into “chatter”. That’s when your self-talk goes sideways and turns into endless anxiety-provoking worry. It’s the dark side of our inner voice that can poison our relationships, health, and well-being.

So how can you notice when your self-talk turns into chatter? Is there a way to stop the mental hamster wheel?

My guest, award-winning professor, and writer, Ethan Kross is here to help us find out. He spent years examining the voice that speaks inside our heads. Tune in as he explains why it’s there and reveals how you can learn to rely on it rather than being broken by it. 

Show Highlights Include

  • The sneaky way the voice in your head sucks the light out of your days (and how to spot it before you get sucked into a worry loop) (5:50)
  • 3 unintended ways the chatter in your head manifests in your life (7:59)
  • The Chatter Advisor’s Blueprint to helping friends through the chatter in a progressive way (before it poisons your relationship) (10:41)
  • The “Distant Self-Talk” approach to easing mental chatter if you have no one to talk to (18:27)
  • How “mental time traveling” helps you move on when you find yourself stuck in anxiety (19:43)
  • The weird way cleaning your house helps you quiet the voice in your head (21:04)


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