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Brilliant Balance

Dec 26, 2017

We’ve all been there...trapped in a conversation we can’t get out of. You want to say no, but you worry about letting someone down and you suddenly find yourself saying yes.

An inability to say no shows up in many ways. It’s one of the issues at the heart of the imbalance many women carry around. Getting into a habit of always saying yes will lead to a pattern of overestimating our capacity.

Learning to say no with confidence and grace will have even more benefits than you can imagine!


- The underlying causes of our inability to say no (3:00)
- Why you need a process to get to a clear yes or no (4:50)
- Why we worry about saying no (8:00)
- A simple script for how to say no with grace, confidence, and kindness (10:45)
- What you need to avoid doing, after saying no (18:23)
- Why the script matters (20:25)

If you feel like you’re being pulled in a thousand directions, hop over to, download your free Rebalancing Toolkit and learn how to design an optimized week that lets you feel like you have it all.
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