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Brilliant Balance

Dec 3, 2019

With 2020 in sight, we start to look forward to the new year and what’s next for our business and our family. The upcoming year is full of endless possibilities, but have you started to think about them and make a plan?

Today we are joined by Jessica Herrin, the founder of Stella + Dot, KEEPER Collective, co-founder of the leading wedding website and author of her book “Find Your Extraordinary”. She has been recognized by The New York Times, Oprah, and Forbes for her business savvy and vision.

Join us as we discuss being a woman in the business world, letting go of your fear of failure, balancing time between work and home, and getting motivated for 2020!

Show highlights include:

  • Will your current priorities always be your priorities? (13:03)
  • The key to moving forward when you feel “stuck” (16:11)
  • Why your perfectionism is preventing progress (19:14)
  • The three factors holding you back from starting your business (23:18) 
  • How to master your time management between work and family (33:44)

Find out more about Jessica Herrin at, and follow her on Instagram @JessicaHerrin. Also, check out her book, “Find Your Extraordinary” and her podcast “Self Made”.

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