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Brilliant Balance

Apr 3, 2018

Sometimes when starting in a new job, position, or career, we have a tremendous temptation to jump in with both feet and try to prove ourselves to the world in the hope of being accepted by everyone.
Today’s show was inspired by a recent call with a woman in my signature coaching program who was caught in this trap. I helped her break down three common patterns we get into when we’re trying to prove ourselves, and I want to share them with you today. Then I’ll show you an alternative that may be better for both you and, ultimately, your organization.

- One dangerous word that can sometimes get you into trouble (6:50)
- The activity that sends most women into a downward spiral of exhaustion when starting a new job (10:00)
- That ‘forgotten feeling’ of what it actually feels like to be rested (13:30)
- Why it’s OK to ask for help (15:10)

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