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Brilliant Balance

Dec 25, 2018

As the holiday season fast approaches, we are faced with yet another opportunity to pause, reflect, and of course...celebrate.

Today’s episode is a blessing. Something uplifting. And something for you to contemplate as you go through this precious week between Christmas and New Years Day.

Here Are The Highlights:
- My short - but sweet - Christmas wish to you (2:00)

- How to use your feelings like fuel to propel you into the New Year and in the direction you know you’re meant to go (3:30)

- Why living through your rear-view mirror could be limiting your potential. Here’s how to focus on the wonderful road of opportunities awaiting you in the New Year (4:25)

I hope you get rest, rejuvenation, and enjoy a lot of Christmas cookies over the coming week! I look forward to seeing you in January, ready to step toward the person you’re really meant to be.

Merry Christmas!

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