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Brilliant Balance

Nov 20, 2018

Thanksgiving is meant to be a happy time - a time where family and friends come together, celebrate and reflect on the year.

But for many people, Thanksgiving can spark anxiety, stress, and even dread. Although you can’t control other people or events, you absolutely can control how you prepare for this festive holiday season which is exactly what is covered in today’s episode.

Here Are The Highlights:
The Thanksgiving Checklist: What to do and how to take care of yourself before the festive holiday season (5:20)

-How to consciously choose to respond rather than react (7:30)

- “Choose your own adventure” books as inspiration for the day (11:20)

- A type of question to ask that will instantly make your day more entertaining (13:30)

- How to disengage and get out of negative conversations (16:20)

Tune in to today’s episode to ensure you have a more peaceful, intentional, drama-free Thanksgiving.
LIVE WEBINAR: Want to Know How To Keep Your Sanity During The Holiday Season?

I’ll be running a live webinar on Monday 26th November (after Thanksgiving) at 1PM Eastern Time, sharing with you the exact step-by-step holiday game plan I use to personally pace myself and keep my sanity during this extra busy season.
Click the link below to get your registration link to this free webinar and I’ll send you everything you need to get hooked up by email.
It’s gonna be a good one :)
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