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Brilliant Balance

Dec 20, 2022

What makes us buy things we don’t need or give our time away by saying yes to all the things - social events, meetings, volunteer shifts, and projects?

What is that voice that constantly questions us: ‘is it enough?’

There isn’t exactly an objective definition of enough, so the real question is can we let it be enough? What will it take for us to respect our capacity, our financial and time constraints, and our energy levels once and for all?

What will it take for us to finally let it be enough?

In this episode, I reveal the internal and external factors that contribute to warping our sense of what is enough. You’ll discover powerful psychological flips you can leverage so you can let go of the need for approval from others.

Show Highlights Include:

  • How the ease of modern technology blurs our sense of what is enough (and even encourages overspending habits). (03:58)
  • Three things embedded deep in our psychological make-up that make us say yes to more things than we need. (08:22)
  • Why our need for approval and admiration from colleagues and loved ones influences our actions and buying decisions. (09:43)
  • The psychological theory of downward comparison you can leverage to snap out of needless comparisons (and shift into a mode of gratitude). (14:00)
  • The ‘inward-flip’ mindset switch you need so you will never need to seek the approval of other people again (and define what’s enough for you). (15:30)

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