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Brilliant Balance

May 1, 2018

Our culture has embraced entrepreneurship in a truly positive way. Back in the 90’s, entrepreneurship wasn’t a popular career path - unless your parents were entrepreneurial and you were stepping into their family business.
Now, it seems the idea of starting your own business is the best way to establish balance, flexibility, and freedom between work and family.
But as you’re going to discover today, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.
Today, we’re talking about entrepreneurship and specifically how it relates to working mothers. I want to paint a realistic picture, and show you three things that make entrepreneurship an incredibly attractive path for many working moms...and a big mistake for others.

Here Are The Highlights:
- Three things you have full control over as an entrepreneur (6:40)
- Your connection to purpose and why your work matters (8:30)
- Proceed with caution: The three ‘deal breakers’ of entrepreneurship (10:30)
- Should YOU be an entrepreneur? (14:45)

Ready to be brilliant? Tune in and enjoy today’s show!
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