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Brilliant Balance

Mar 24, 2020

Have you ever been frustrated because you couldn’t seem to get your message across to another person? Have you been in the middle of a conversation and said something that seemed to shut down dialogue, but weren’t sure why?

When there is a gap between what you meant to communicate and what another person understands, things can shut down quickly. Often, your words can have an impact that runs completely counter to what you intended, and for a variety of reasons.

In today’s episode, I’ll discuss four factors to consider when interacting with others, and how this awareness can make you a much more effective communicator. 

Show highlights include:

  • The 3 most important pieces of the communication puzzle to consider when you are interacting with anyone (3:24)
  • These four factors can dramatically affect the way your intention is understood when communicating with others (5:23)
  • This dynamic can give your words more weight than you intend, resulting in unintended consequences if you’re not aware of it (8:57)
  • If you often feel misunderstood, you may be unintentionally confusing your message by doing this (11:12) 
  • How identity privilege can be silently undermining your efforts to relate to others, and how to fix it (16:54)
  • This specific aspect of your communication style can have a major impact on how your words are taken by others (20:03)

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