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Brilliant Balance

Jan 19, 2021

Want to get more books under your belt this year? Reading is a fantastic form of entertainment, and a great way to learn. But how do you make the time? And, how do you know what you should be reading (with the limited time you have available)?

In this episode, I share my system for how you can read more in 2021. Come learn my secrets for figuring out what to read, when to read, and how to read faster.

Show highlights include:

  • The “avid reader’s” secret to determining what books you should be reading to enrich your life (and avoid wasting your time) (6:12)
  • A commonly overlooked analog resource for getting all your book-related questions answered immediately (7:12)
  • How to transform your phone into a “book queue” so you never have to wonder what to read next (9:08)
  • A simple way to save tons of cash on books that you don’t read (10:23)
  • 2 popular times of day you can repurpose to multiply your reading (13:12)
  • The “Hugh Jackman” method for making time to read every day (14:14)
  • The Tim Ferris speed reading approach that will help you read more books this year (23:57)

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