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Brilliant Balance

Mar 6, 2018

Making good decisions is a difficult task for a lot of us. Even high performing working women who are extremely successful struggle with this. But not knowing how to make good decisions can really slow you down.
We make decisions every single day. Whether it’s what clothes to wear, or where to go for lunch or bigger things like which career path to take, we’re constantly making decisions.

All the small decisions begin to pile up, and facing too many can stress you out and put you in an ‘emotional jail cell’, unable to make the decisions that actually matter.
Today, we’re talking about 4 powerful strategies to help you get rid of all the mental clutter and anxiety while helping you make faster, smarter and more effective decisions.

- STOP ‘disaster checking’ your decision making. It’s holding you back from being a high performer in life (6:50)
- A powerful mantra you can use in seconds to deal with perfectionism (9:00)
- A ‘small decision technique’ for creating positive action using a simple household item (11:40)
- How to quickly shift from decision-making to execution mode using the ‘decision sprint’ method (14:45)

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