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Brilliant Balance

Aug 30, 2022

Have you ever thought you were for sure going to bomb a job interview or school presentation but then ended up getting through it with flying colors? 

That was your mind playing tricks on you.

It turns out our brain is an excellent author…of fiction! This is especially true when we’re feeling anxious in a certain situation. That’s when fear grabs the pen from our hands and starts writing its own story. 

And that story is always fiction.

In this episode, you’ll discover 5 ways your brain makes up stories and how you can see the truth (before you go down the worry rabbit hole).

Listen in…

Show highlights Include:

  • How fear makes you a fiction writer and boosts your creativity (0:16)
  • How “catastrophizing” stops you from taking chances in your life (and how to spot it when you’re caught in a worry loop) (4:37)
  • Why making peace with imperfection helps to defeat all-or-nothing thinking (and improves your results in anything you do) (7:27)
  • The sneaky way your brain creates faulty patterns based on one experience you had in the past (11:14)
  • How fear turns you into a mind-reader and a fortune teller (and writes the conclusion of your story before it has even happened) (15:51)

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