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Brilliant Balance

Jul 17, 2018

Living in a constant state of “worry and hurry” drains your energy. Sometimes it can even make you feel crazy and out of control.
If you want to make the shift from strung out and stressed to calm and in control, this is the episode for you.
Cherylanne shares how you can quickly tap into your ‘inner calm’ whenever you need it and begin to create a much more in-control life.
Here Are The Highlights:
- The foundation you REALLY need to get the results you want in life (6:00)
- How to stop feeling like you don’t have enough time (7:50)
- The key to overcoming self-destructive negative thinking (12:00)
- One trick to help you destroy limiting beliefs and reprogram your brain for success (15:30)
-Give it a shot. Draw a line in the sand and start living a calmer and more in-control life.
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