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Brilliant Balance

Jan 23, 2018

Most of us are misdiagnosing our exhaustion. We feel tired but we think it’s because we’re not getting enough exercise...or maybe its age... or maybe its hormonal.
So we shrug our shoulders and refuel mid-day with coffee or sugar. But what ends up happening is that short term jolt masks the REAL reason we feel tired...and we never address it.
Today we’re talking about how you can get to the bottom of why you’re sluggish or foggy midway through your day...and what you can do about it.


- Discover why you are holding onto that afternoon coffee habit (2:07)
- How are you feeling today? Are you alert? Or sluggish? Can you tell t he difference? (3:29)
-What most of us are doing wrong and how we can change this bad habit (4:00)
-The transformative process that will help you reset and rest up (5:55)
-Reconnect with how it feels to be well rested (7:11)
-Set a schedule that works for you (16:35)
-The belief that stops us from getting the rest we need (25:12)

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You ready? Let’s be brilliant…

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