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Brilliant Balance

Aug 18, 2020

When our world becomes chaotic, it can be hard to tell if we’re still making the kind of progress we want in our lives. But even in the best of times, progress doesn’t follow a consistent path. You will have setbacks and missteps. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve failed.

You have to look at the big picture to get an accurate idea of your progress.

In this episode, I discuss why your emotions are a poor indicator of progress, how to avoid discouragement by accurately assessing what you have accomplished, and how to avoid emotional overreactions to highs and lows.  

Show highlights include:

  • Why early wins set you up for future failure (and what to do about it) (5:53)
  • The subtle way your emotions trick you into thinking you’re not making progress (6:39)
  • The one element you must have in order to accurately gauge your progress (7:49)
  • A simple, low-tech tool that keeps you on track with your goals (9:20)
  • How to be absolutely certain you’re taking the right actions

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