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Brilliant Balance

Jan 12, 2021

A new year brings the desire for change. For many women, this means bringing new levels of cleanliness and organization to our homes. But where do we start?

Well, it depends on the type and cause of your clutter.

In this episode, organizational expert Laurie Palau discusses the deeper issues revealed by clutter, why cleaning things up may not fix your clutter problem, and how to create an organizational system your entire family can participate in.

Show highlights include:

  • The deeper internal issue disorganization reveals about you and how you can change it for the better (3:57)
  • How to identify the difference between situational and chronic clutter so you can properly address your specific challenge (8:10)
  • Why large homes with abundant storage lead to out of control clutter and how to fix it (10:46)
  • The link between clutter and productivity and how you can get more done immediately (11:50)
  • A little known “internal” clutter that can completely derail your progress and how you can transform it to your advantage (14:28)
  • One key question you must answer in order to overcome your organizational struggles (17:50)
  • The foundational concept you must have in place for any organizational system to be effective for you (23:44)
  • Why you are the bottleneck to keeping your home clutter-free and how to empower your family (24:25)
  • The “professional organizer’s” secret to getting your children to clean up their areas the way you want them to (29:37)

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