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Brilliant Balance

Apr 7, 2020

As current events take over the news and our conversations, it seems that our world has completely changed overnight. Women are faced with adjusting to their “new normal.” Staying at home and social distancing are one thing, but how do you respond to the very real threats this downturn poses to your career and economic stability?

Thankfully, you’ve worked hard, made connections, and have had some success, so you don’t have to start from square one… But what should you do to make sure you can land on your feet no matter what happens in the economy?

In this episode, I discuss the 5 steps you must take NOW so you can be ready if you need to make a change quickly.

Show highlights include:

  • How to respond well when outside forces turn your life and career upside down (1:45)
  • The difficult but essential mindset shift you must make to reinforce your value (4:39)
  • Reflect on this to set yourself up for success if you’re forced to pivot quickly (6:40)
  • Developing this asset can launch you above the competition for your next job (8:13)
  • Ditch the paper resume and focus on this tool to promote your work experience (11:57)
  • These are the most important people you can connect with right now (14:20)

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