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Brilliant Balance

Jun 26, 2018

Feeling comfortable is usually a good thing.
But becoming too comfortable and complacent can hold you back from growing and moving forward.
As an ambitious woman striving to reach your highest potential, I can tell you from experience that you’ll never get there if your “porridge” is always “just right.”
One of the most significant challenges high-achieving women face in business is having the confidence to know when their “porridge” is “just right,” (aka when they’ve become too comfortable in their current job).
So today we’re going to dive into what a Goldilocks job is, how to know when you’re psychologically stuck in one, and 3 actionable steps to help you move towards your true potential.
Here Are The Highlights:
- What is a Goldilocks job and how to tell if you’re in one (3:30)
- The red flag statement that screams “You’re in the wrong job!” (4:45)
- Why you should never let money or benefits keep you at the job you dislike (9:45)
- A ‘natural’ way to carve out more time to think (14:30)
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